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How to play Blu-ray ISO on Windows 8/8.1? Free download best Blu-ray ISO player for Windows 8/8.1, play/convert/rip Blu-ray with Windows 8/8.1 PC or tablet.

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27 May 2011 Dear Lifehacker My laptop came with a Blu-ray drive, but I can't seem to play Blu-rays with it, and everyone says I need to buy extra expensive 

My question is, why wasn't my brand new computer installed with the newest Cyberlink software (which is version 13 I believe)? As it is, I can't play more than half of my blu-rays with this much older software. Is it possible that Alienware/Dell could send me the newer software, or a key or something so that my computer can play all blu-rays How to play Blu-rays in Windows 10 pc? - Windows Central I think Blu-ray disc is different from DVD. It is large storage and high resolution. So we can't Blu-ray disc on DVD player. I often play Blu-ray disc on TV, sometimes, I play Blu-ray disc on computer. (Windows 10/8/7/xp) If we play the Blu-ray disc on Windows 10, we need an external Blu-ray drive (hardware) and Blu-ray player software for How to Play Blu-Ray DVDs with Windows - YouTube Following these steps, you now can also experience Blu-ray quality on your home PC. Step 1: Purchase a Blu-ray drive Purchase a Blu-ray drive if your computer does not already have one. You cannot How to Play Blu-ray Discs or Files on VLC Player - Windows - PC

Can I play Blu-ray in my Computer DVD Player? – Jake Ludington "Can I play a Blu-ray disc in my computer DVD player? The short answer to your question is you can only play Blu-ray media in your computer DVD player if that DVD player is a Blu-ray drive. If standard DVD players supported Blu-ray playback our entertainment options would be far easier. Instead special hardware is… Why Won't My Blu-ray Players Play Blu-ray Discs | Leawo Tutorial Playing Blu-ray disc on your Blu-ray player can be one of the best ways to kill leisure time in your life which could easily grant you the excellent and wonderful relaxing moments even at home. Well, if the Blu-ray player won’t play the Blu-ray discs properly, you can take your breath and just be patient. Please check your Blu-ray player and Review for Leawo Blu-ray Player – Play Blu-ray/DVD on Computer Well, now we can enjoy this Blu-ray movie on the computer with Leawo Blu-ray Player. When the movies plays to the 12 minutes, it froze and I can't even close it. We wait for a long time to let it recovery to play but it failed. Then, we restarted this program and repeat these steps to play another disc. However it also crashed. After we tried How to Play Blu-ray on a Windows 10 PC [Two Ways]

How to play Blu-ray Discs on Windows 10 - The Windows Club 3 Jul 2018 If you have a Blu Ray external player, you can use them as default player or rip content from it, only for personal use, and play it on your PC. How Can I Play Blu-Ray Discs on My Computer? Dear Lifehacker My laptop came with a Blu-ray drive, but I can't seem to play Blu-rays with it, and everyone says I need to buy extra expensive software to use it. Even VLC can't play them. (I Solved the Problem: Can't play Blu-ray discs on my windows

How to watch DVDs and Blu-rays for free in Windows 10 - CNET

23 Jul 2016 Before I answer your question, I want to make 2 things clear: 1. Blu-ray a digital optical disc data storage format, we usually see 2 types Blu-ray in our daily life. [PC Doesn't Have Blu-ray Drive] So How to Play Blu-ray on PC? There are a number of Blu-ray player software on the market. f2fsoft is a new star It can play Blu-ray disc/ISO image file on the computer without quality loss. How to watch DVDs and Blu-rays for free in Windows 10 - CNET 24 Mar 2017 Here in 2017, the handwriting is definitely on the wall -- if not the dump sign -- as Windows PCs can no longer play DVDs (or Blu-rays) without 

There are free ways to watch Blu-ray discs, but you get what you pay for and much more besides with Cyberlink's excellent PowerDVD 19. For the more serious media enthusiast, it's worth every penny.

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